Gum Lift

If you have a “gummy” smile, there is something that can be done about it!

A beautiful smile is like a work of art – the smile is the frame, the gums are the matting, and the teeth are the featured subject. Much like the cuticles on your fingernail, the gums can cover your tooth structure, making your teeth appear short and fat instead of the shape that “Mother Nature” intended. We routinely correct this in most of our smile designs. Gum contouring can be done to reduce the excess gum. The removal of this excess tissue allows for normal sized teeth and for a normal gum line appearance by using an electrosurge or laser to remove the undesirable tissue.

Gum Lift Atlanta GATypically our patients describe the procedure as feeling like a mild pizza burn – like when you eat pizza that is too hot and it burns the roof of your mouth. They typically report that they are fine within a day or so.

Other common gingival esthetic problems that can be corrected with a gum lift or gingival contouring, include uneven (asymmetrical) gingival contours, the loss of papillae (small amounts of gum tissue between your teeth) and exposed root surfaces.