Chipped Teeth

Description: Chipped teeth are perhaps the most common dental issue that people experience. While a chipped tooth can vary widely in terms of size and damage, any type of dental trauma deserves immediate attention. ¬†Although a small chip will most likely not cause pain, you should contact a dentist to make sure there is no other damage to the tooth’s structure. A dentist will be able to rule out accompanying cracks or internal dental problems when examining your chipped tooth.¬†

Solutions: Chipped tooth treatments vary according to the amount of damage. There are many procedures now available to correct chipped teeth, and many of them can be performed in just one dental visit. Depending on your situation, any one of these chipped tooth treatments may be an option for you to correct chips or surface flaws:  cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers, or porcelain crowns.

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